Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Just a few thoughts from a forty-something housewife on a Tuesday morning…… The world is electric right now or maybe that’s just the constant buzz of anxiety and ever running thoughts spinning in my head, I just feel like something big is about to happen, a revolution of some sort.   I am really hoping that humankind is about to evolve forward and not backward. I feel like it could go either way. There is a very interesting phenomenon happening right now and I am fascinated by it. For the last 3 years our government has been a reality tv show and the nation is so divided- neither side willing to give.  It is really hard to admit BUT at first I was kind of a fan of Trump running….. I was never into politics but I am a reality tv junky and he was the ones I would watch to see him act like a d-bag…. Kinda like watching American Idol to see what mean thing Simon would say next. To be honest, every time I have voted it has been for different reasons, I never really aligned myself one way or the other party wise.  I have always had some very liberal views but I often found myself voting for a Republican. I really thought I would be in that election too- I didn’t think Trump would get the nomination and I knew Hillary would and I have never been a Hillary fan. I ended up voting 3rd party because I was not impressed with either and i figured Hillary would win. Ha so stupid!! Somehow Trump won and I think that is when we entered a Mandela effect! I know it sounds crazy but what conspiracy theory doesn’t?!  I can’t understand why what I see so clearly as a dirty president so many of my friends see as the greatest POTUS in history…. Am I the one who is brainwashed?

Take the current news from the impeachment….  Cut and dry…. Dangling a cookie in front of a new inexperienced leader who needed the cookie but to get the cookie…. we need a favor though.  I feel like after the Mueller report the idiot would not put himself in a similar situation… but he can’t seem to help himself. I feel like any reasonable human would agree we do not want to set a standard that it is ok to use taxpayer money to leverage info on the presidents political opponent….. Trump is a boundary tester, he is aggressive and smart- he is also a douche.  He has that gene- like Tim the tool man arr arr arr kinda macho idiot gene… I just can’t with him, even if I became rich because of his economy I just can’t reconcile my moral compass to think he is good for the country. One of my favorite things to do since he has taken office is to try to predict story lines, it can really be a hoot! For the last few years I have been focusing on perspective and part of that is because I honestly can’t see Trump’s appeal- I can say the words his supporters say but I just think he is not good.  Every once in a while I will see his appeal but it is short lived he ruins it in moments by saying or tweeting something stupid. For a while I tried to only read the transcripts but sometimes I watch live. Thursday the house will take a vote about how to proceed with the impeachment and the stories will be flying. Who would have ever thought politics was so fascinating? Things are about to get super interesting after the House votes on Thursday- will any of the testimony change any of his supporters opinion? Would it matter, in an area like mine that is represented by a republican, if an outstanding number of constituents were in favor of impeachment?  Would she change her vote or is the Trump effect so strong no one is interested, even if the testimony is irrefutable….  

I really did not think impeachment was a good idea, Trumps antics are exhausting, his leadership style is nauseating but voting him out is a better option and I think Trump’s real worries are when he leaves office and they will come from the southern district of NY.  We have a wanna be, modern day Teflon Don for President….. At least that is my opinion today at this moment.

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