WTF Wednesday!

Happy HUMMMPPP DAAAAYYYYY!🐫 This morning I am getting my house in order, its papa bear on duty this weekend! Mama is goin to Vegas!!! As I am puttering around I am youtubing the last 24 hours of news…. It is a glorious shit show!  I do this fun thing to keep up and understand my latest fascination. If you know me or have read a few of my other posts you know I am a reality tv junky and politics has taken reality TV to a new level!! I have to give trump credit, he has created a very powerful dynasty.  

Anyway the fun thing I do is read any new transcripts, scan all the news articles to see what things stick out consistently from all sources, I follow fact checking sites. I pay attention to sight bias….. And I force myself to watch both spins… I am a liberal, I didn’t used to think I was. I have always voted republican more often than democrat, especially on the local level….. but Trump has made me realize I am full fledge pussy hat wearing liberal. I still share some pretty conservative views but the Trump phenomenon has turned this country on its ear.  Its bizarre.

 So, these recent transcripts are fascinating and terrifying.  How can this be happening, who runs a country like Trump? I know, I know…. A Non-Politician….. That’s what they were after, too bad they got a hot pile of shit…… And HOW does half of america look at it and think “hey, it’s cool for Trump to hold up taxpayer funded aid to get an upper hand on his biggest political rival”…… oh wait wait wait….. Trump was fishing out corruption with a corrupt action…. This has to be the twilight zone right?  

I feel like watching the Fox news types is worse for my opinion of trump than the MSNBC’s and CNN’s because I can’t handle their over animated half truths and spin, don’t get me wrong the Wolfe Blitzers and Young Turks and their over animated obnoxiousness irritate me as well.  LOL…. I prefer my news read by alexa or reading it with my own eyes so it can play out in my head in a more entertaining way. I have come to understand in the last few years my opinion is pretty grating to some…. I am not everyone’s cup of tea… and it can be really amusing to ruffle feathers.  But no matter how hard I try I can not reconcile myself to the attraction of Trump and I have earnestly tried! I do realize I am part of the Trump Phenomenon (I am positive it will become a real thing- I’m hoping for something similar to the mandela effect but my guts think it will be a hard lesson). I went from knowing basically nothing about politics to being fascinated.  I have believed from day 1 he was looking to be president to notch his belt not because he wanted to work for America and every move he has made since has been to further himself, his children and his dynasty. He has in many ways branded the United States as Trump’s America and he literally can do no wrong. Then there is this whole Deep State, everyone against trump is deep state. The Diabolical Do Nothing Democrats are harassing the President….. For holding up taxpayer $$ because he needs a “favor though”…… how the hell they tricked him into saying that we may never know….. Then releasing a transcript of him saying that, maybe I underestimate the deep state I guess🤷…. There is no longer a Republican Party, it has become the Trumpublican Party. He must have some magic juju that I am immune to because his appeal is out of my grasp. I can look at the positives he has done and concede those but then I look at the world today and how it has changed socially over the last few years. He is hate and chaos, it is how he runs his business, it is how he is running the White House and the Government.  He has diminished the stature of president with his Twitter feed and penchant for lying…. We are living in a surreal time. It will be interesting how it’s reflected back on someday.

*edit….. I forgot to leave my thankful of the day. Today I am thankful I was blessed with a good sense of humor, most of the time I can find something funny in any situation. It comes in handy on nights like tonight when my kids are assholes to each other..heart, laugh emoji, shoulder shrug

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