Do it… even when you dont want to.

So I am not gonna pretend…. Today is not a day I am feeling like writing but I know I have to stick to my challenge to myself- especially on the days I don’t feel like I want to have time to do it, or any other can’t do attitude excuse.  I have a few sicko kiddos (can’t lie I accidentally almost spelled it dikkos… I have a funny type of dyslexia) and they are all fighting, except the littlest- that one is just sleeping sweetly. Currently my oldest gran and my youngest girl are arguing about how I smell…. My oldest grandson has a powerful sniffer and he is always talking about how things smell and I did have his little brothers poopy diaper in my hand when I walked by- lol….. My daughter got angry because he said something mean to me and the fight was on- they tell each other random crap….then call each other rude, he says he’s “just a man”  she says “well you don’t know anything” she points to an old motion detector that I have convinced the kids is a camera so they behave if I leave the room and she yells “that camera knows everything” …. He says “well I didn’t color your book” lol…. Wait what…. what book? She is livid……. They are 4 & 5 and there are also a 2 year old and one that will be a year in a few months, add in the crazy dogs and it feels like a cross between Muppet Babies, Rosanne and Pit Bulls and Parolees (or what I assume the show would be- I have never actually watched it). Days like today are full of amazing, irritating, chaotic energy and I love it…. Today I am thankful for making myself write this, it feels good to get a little perspective on my day and where my focus should be, these kids are amazing, challenging and I love them to the moon. I am pretty sure I will be putting myself in time out at the end of the day but it fills my heart and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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