Yikes… It’s 8 already…

Yikes…… its already 8pm Friday…. This is the third time I have tried to sit down and write, it was a gloriously hectic day and I feel like I am forgetting something but I am packed, I have the house all figured out.  My significant other is so encouraging and supportive, I know he loves me because he shows it. He may not show it in the way I want all the time but he shows it in his way and he makes effort. He also has a strong personality and I definitely need that but he is also patient in a lot of ways.  He knows that I am anxious and thinks it is ridiculous but hugs me and tells me I will be fine and that I need this and he is so right and the anxiety has lifted as the week has gone. I am more like giddy…..like I want to wiggle around and do the happy dance. It feels so great. Each day these are supposed to be about my feelings and perspective and I love how much it makes me reflect. It helps me focus, I think of things to write about and have a few things I am working on but this time is purely to calm the turbulence and work on myself.  I have felt like I have lost so much in the last several years but what I realize is that I have built some really solid bonds and rebuilt important relationships. I have more confidence in my relationships than I ever have in the past and that is a really great feeling. I have never been in a relationship with a man who could and would handle me. Today I am thankful for my guy and the way he does not make me feel guilty for spending time with my other, he encourages it. That is not something I have had before…. Maybe he is just tagging out for the weekend and she is taking me on respite care so he can have a weekend off.  🤷😂

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