Saturday is late

It’s today it’s today….and we are waiting to take off. I couldn’t decide to write early and get out my anxious energy or wait and share my day…. It’s going to be a mash up today. My nerves are a little frayed because we are waiting on a technical issue to take off. I’m ready to go!!!

The plane is pretty full and there are kids behind me playing, it won’t be long before they run out of patients. I can so appreciate parents traveling with kids after our trip to Hawaii with 3 kids under 4… it was a traveling shit show.  The remainder of the flight was good and the day went so fast and busy that I am just now focused enough to write my post. We walked almost 8 miles, ate at In and Out Burger for the first time (it was just ok, the burger was good but not super keen on their fried), we did some people watching, a little gambling and I got a super surprise! A childhood friend is meeting us here from florida to go to the Madonna concert tomorrow, I have not seen her in about 20 years so I am so excited to see her.  I did really well through most of the day, people watching is amazing…. Half naked people looking to take photos with you for money, drunks stumbling around, people trying to give you cards with naked women on them, so much energy everywhere  

We were in the Bellagio, looking at their seasonal decor. Right now it is decorated in an Indian theme, with elephants, tigers and foxes- it was a super cool display. We were walking thru enjoying the sites and I was feeling pretty good but suddenly everything closed on me and I couldnt breathe, everything was closing in.  I was 2 breaths away from losing it, I tried to get past it and keep breathing- when I get like that I try not to let people see, it is a weakness that I prefer to keep to myself but I was struggling to make it stop. Too many people sprinkling their energy everywhere, too many bright lights, smells and just too much. By the time we walked back to our hotel I had gotten rid of most of it.  This is helping me get the rest out. Tomorrow is a new day and I may struggle, I knew coming here would be both exciting and overwhelming but my anxiety won’t control me. Tomorrow I am looking to write a comedy for a post- that is the goal!

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