Which side will you fall on?

Well, I would not be authentic to my writing if I left things out that intrigue me…. I know with the current political climate it is a hot button topic and this may be a post you want to skip.  What does my political opinion matter? Well, to most it won’t but I know that I am not the only one shaking my head wondering wtf is going on in our government! I have to admit prior to this dumpster fire I did not pay much attention, I would read a little about what I was voting on and not give it much thought. I align myself and felt very midline to right leaning.  I was raised by a few very strong women and the main father figure in my life was a WWII vetran, he and my grandmother were ahead of their time when it came to household roles. As a whole, my family was very liberal looking back, I just did not realize that. My gram told me who I voted for was no one business and that I should always vote like my quality of life depended on it, she was a little spitfire when it came to women’s rights.  So on women’s issues I have always been liberal…. But grew up in what I now realize was a fairly conservative community and many of my views are conservative. I was registered as a republican for the majority of my adulthood to this point. For years I worked in a small hometown restaurant and my boss was quite conservative, working for him for as long as I did I picked up on many of his views and still hold some of them today.  

Honestly, I was happy in my non-political bubble…. When the last election came along, at first I was amused that Trump was trying to disrupt things- reminded me of Ross Perot, not that I really knew anything about him, just that he was anti-establishment and running in an off party… I don’t even think I could vote back then but I am not positive.  So I thought it was amusing that Trump was running, never imagining anyone would be ridiculous enough to think he would be a good choice…. As it got closer and the choices were him or Clinton I was extremely unimpressed- so much so I voted 3rd party. I honestly thought she would win and while I was no fan I also didn’t think she would flip the country on its ear….. And at first I decided to legitimately give Trump a chance, the problem was his need to shit talk all the time.  Of course, I knew who Trump was- who didn’t…. He was a tabloid darling (who knew what a pro he was at catch and kill.. right?)he liked reality TV, prowrestling bosses, he loved putting his name on everything and cover it in gold he was just lewd, gaudy and spotlight hungry . He was a power hungry narcissist BUT I figured with the checks and balances of the government he would be restrained and a wake up call, we can do anything for 4 years right? Everyone would tire of his antics and we could start with a clean slate.  Holy hell was I wrong!! I really did not realize the enormity of the damage Trump would place on the entire world.  

America has the dream…. Right? What is that dream now? Sure we can each individually have our own little dream in our own little world and we should but…. I feel like we each have a bigger responsibility, more than the narrowness of our own little world.  Look for a second at what America looks like to the rest of the world, part of what makes me proud to me an American is our role as one of the adults in the room for the world. We are who stands up to the bully and stands up for the needy- or at least we used to be…. Now we have the spoiled little rich kid who has always gotten his way and has never been humbled “leading” our country, he has always had servants and everything he wants.  He is a man who has never had consequence and if many have their way he never will. I am at the point where I am sick of hearing how the dems have had it out for him…

I am not exactly sure why I have such a gut bad feeling about him, I always have.  It tends to be annoying when people hit me with the “you listen too much to the MSM”…. one thing most Trumpublicans have in common is knowing more than I do, they know the real truth, can always spot the fake news and are aggressive and name call when they find out your a never-Trumper….. I am totally a never-trumper- I did not vote nor would I ever but that does not make me the enemy.  I am ok with being a snowflake but I won’t like I am so so disappointed that the party that I considered myself part of can act like such total dicks to me because my view is not what theirs is. It is not an understatement when I say SEVERAL times over the last few years I have thought to myself I have become a full fledged pussy hat wearing liberal…. And if this Trumpublican party is the new standard for the GOP then I better get used to it!

Currently America is embroiled in Impeachment proceedings and there is a huge population that will not see or admit that the President has done anything wrong.  I have said several times we seriously have to be living in a Mandela effect! Or maybe we have entered an alternate reality? How can such large numbers see such opposite views. Part of me thinks it’s intentional to not see the truth because it means admitting you were wrong, it’s a pride thing.  I know a few people who look at it like Trump can go down as long as they take the dirty dems with him…. Not sure how I feel about buying a story that you knowingly elected a grenade into the White House so that is a little hard to bite. One of the most interesting things is that the MSM is not making a bigger deal of the side case that is looking into Giuliani and his cronies, I have always said I think Trump’s real issues will come out of SDNY.  They have been investigating him for a while and they have been locking his associates up right and left. I know the majority of people do not research the way I do, take the time to compare and contrast the news and stories but I find it hard to swallow that people will really buy the conspiracy theory defense…. He used taxpayer money to attempt to gain leverage on a political opponent….. The funds were released 2 days AFTER the whistleblower…. Yes, today made it clear who the whistleblower was (which is think is shameful on the part of the GOP), we heard from the person today that the whistleblower got his info from.  According to the conspiracy theory the whistleblower is dirty… just like the clintons and Bidens. All our esteemed president was doing is rooting out corruption- using corrupt tactics. Because we all know two wrongs make a right.  

Another thing I have not heard much about is what this actually did to the Ukraine and the impact his actions had for them.  He undermined and made the new President look like a goat. By all accounts Trump had the guy by the balls- thank goodness the whistleblower stepped forward before the CNN interview that was scheduled with Farheed Zakaria in which he planned to announce the investigation into Barisma.  When you line up all the dates and facts it’s as clear as a road map- but if you are bent on not seeing it you won’t. Today and Thursday are big days in the process, I am currently waiting to watch the Volker/Morrisson testimony. I also expect that the republicans will skirt the presidents actual actions and attack the witnesses and bits and pieces of the stories, it won’t be questioning- they will use their time to narrate their talking points and steer their story line so right wing media can use the sound bites to misrepresent the facts.  What is at question is Trump’s actions… No one else’s. He got caught mid bribe, really no one is contesting that- Republicans want to sweep it under the rug…. If you get caught robbing a bank do you get to go home since it was not successful? 

Is everyone who speaks out against just never-Trumpers… even if they voted him in but also have to follow a code of ethics…. I have a lot of respect for people who will step forward and do the right thing even when it is the harder option.  These people will all be degraded and labeled as deep state operatives, the non- partisan ambassadors that are on the ground to help keep the peace and look out for our interests and enable lesser military presence in many areas. Now- I am not saying there was no funny business, I don’t know if there was or was not but I do know that Trump ONLY mentioned the Bidens and there were many many others he could have chosen but it was specific to what would help him.  Presidents are not above the law and you can’t attempt to damage a political opponent by bribing a foriegn leader- you just can’t. Sometimes doing the right thing hurts your pride but it will be much worse for Americans if we continue to give him a free pass. An Authoritarian America was not what the founding fathers envisioned. I often wonder how this time will be reflected on and which side of history I will fall on.

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