Week 3 Creative


Creativity is the word of the week- that was due last Monday….. But here I am this many days late! It is what it is, I got sick.  Just a bump in the road- but it took me out for almost 2 full weeks. I kinda feel like things happen how they are supposed to now. There was a reason- I haven’t figured out yet what it is, but 2 weeks is long enough….. So here we have Creative, I am not a naturally super creative person- its a real struggle actually! I have always just thought its because I am a lefty- everything feels backwards, and I can’t get all the ideas from my head to a material object. So I nested a bit, turned on some Fugees (because of that dang Peloton commercial!) and here it is.  Desktop is open with several searches, laptop is in my lap, and notes sprawled out everywhere- and it feels so good! Too bad it doesn’t seem to spark my creativity… I just keep sitting here thinking come on words form and flow- LOL! In reality I know I am creative, it is an innate human quality… all humans are creative in some way but the degree of natural creativity is definitely genetic, it can still be learned. When I think of creative, to me it means the ability to produce something you have envisioned in your head- so I can build a fire but I can’t paint a self portrait or decorate very well.  I also kind of struck out in the musical department, as well, my dads side of the family all have wonderful singing voices- I must have inherited my vocal cords from my moms side of the family! My whole life I have wanted to have natural creativity that I just don’t have. Creative minds inspire others- they inspire me at least, so I think that is why I have always wanted my brain to be more naturally creative. Being an inspiration is never a bad thing.  

As part of my research I looked up ways to spark creativity and the 2 that caught my eye and that I have decided to try were 30 circles test and flash fiction (I will post these when I do them in a later blog…. Follow me so you don’t miss out). For the 30 circle test you take a paper with 30 equally sized circles, set a timer for two minutes and draw away.  You can either go quality or quantity….. Pfft- I got 2 done and literally the only thing I drew was a weird eye and a terrible attempt at a rose. Eyes are one of the only things I draw, and I draw them a lot, paint them on rocks, eyes fascinate me! Lack of eye contact is one of my pet peeves; I am a huge fan of eye contact and making that connection. I can’t wait to try to flash fiction but it will be a whole project of its own, not a part of 52 words.  I couldn’t help but wonder how creativity benefits our lives and do you have to be the creative one to enjoy those benefits or can you benefit just by being around the creative one?

The benefits of creativity are many from the Mona Lisa to the computer I am typing on now, but I for this project am choosing to focus on: stress reduction, feeling of pride, expanded sense of time, self awareness and freedom.   I am an energy sucker so I know being around creative people is positive for me, enjoying my friends creative works from their photography to their creations-they make me happy and feeling happy is a stress reducer for sure! This project is the most creative thing I have ever taken on (so frustrated I am already behind and I am not even a month in… cranky emoji).  Each post gives me a sense of pride, I feel like writing is a really great way to get to know myself and there is a real freedom in writing on a public forum anonymously. The one that really piqued my interest the most was expanded sense of time! Don’t we all need more time or a way to slow time- and it made me think of one of my goals….. To be PRESENT!! If I could choose one thing to gain from this project it is an expanded sense of time.  Do you find that being creative gives you an expanded sense of time? Do you feel like you benefit from just being around your creative friends? 

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