Week 12: Admiration

Week twelve….. Seriously!!! I am one quarter of the way through my project, and I feel like its a good time to toot my own horn… or maybe have a little admiration for myself, for my dedication and follow through to get this far. Seriously, a year ago I wouldn’t have made it through week 2, that is not an exaggeration. But, here we are twelve weeks in.  To have admiration for someone is to look up to them, to hold them in high regard, you hold them in adoration…. It is something you feel, I can so easily relate to it, and it is such an important emotion! When you have admiration for something, it is affecting you in a positive way; it is a positive emotion. We have it for heros the likes of first responders, the military, our parents- those who care for and protect us.  When you admire someone you may aspire to be more like them. You regard them with respect and warm approval. I was lucky enough to grow up with several strong women and forward-thinking men in my life whoI have an enormous amount of admiration for. I think every child needs admirable male and female role models to emulate as they are growing up. On the same token we, as adults, need to behave in a way that deserves admiration. You don’t have to be a hero to be admired, that is just what comes to mind first.  I know I had just as much admiration for my gram who taught me to shuck an oyster (and that sometimes you have to let your husband think he is getting away with something when I caught my gramps smoking and tattled on him) as I did for my maternal gramps who was my hero….. I also have admiration for those who speak truth to power or who step up and lead even when it’s hard.

There is nothing more admirable than the ability to own your mistakes and lead in a time of crisis, and while it was not my plan to include current events in today’s post- ignoring it would be irresponsible.  Right now we are all in the middle of this new concept of social distancing, attempting to flatten the curve of infection with Covid-19. We are living in a really unnerving time and I have an enormous amount of admiration for the people stepping up, working those long hours, the ones who are being brutally honest with the public when it is difficult and frightening. I have so much admiration for all the regular everyday people who are fighting that urge to jump on that panic train and run for the toilet paper.  We are living in a time which will one day become very historically important; I would bet equally as important as any war we have ever been in. I admire those who are heeding the warnings, taking the social distancing seriously, staying home and doing their part to slow this virus. We will get through it as a whole, but we won’t all get through it. There will be many more deaths to come, and we may all lose someone to this virus. We are just buying time to hopefully find effective treatment, not overwhelm our healthcare system. If we don’t take this seriously, people will die who didn’t have to. I admire you for taking the warnings seriously and doing your part to flatten the curve to save lives.

My post is late this week, I have been making masks to donate to hospitals in need, so I have not been focusing on writing and I lost sight of this project for a few days.  Writing is therapeutic for me and I can feel the difference when I don’t take this time for myself. This time next year I want to be able to look back at this project and have admiration for myself for completing it.  Thank you for taking the time to read this, I will attach links to other weeks’ words. Stay healthy friends. 




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