Week 14: Adventure

Well well well…… here we are late AGAIN! While I do have a legitimate excuse for spacing off my word this last week, I am still a bit upset that it’s late.  Last week I wrote my word all in one sitting; I spent the week thinking about it and just yammered it all out in one sitting- and I loved it! It really felt like it was flowing…. But this week’s word, I am not having as much luck. Not because I don’t like the word, I actually really like the word, and I was looking forward to it. Spring is the time we all come out of hibernation and start planning our summer adventures.  Instead, we are all currently surviving adventures in…… waaaa waaaa waaaa….. Quarantine. Such a bummer, I am so ready for an adventure that doesn’t include being the kids’ mom/teacher/cook/house bitch. Aren’t we all?! By definition, an adventure is an exciting experience, typically bold and sometimes risky….. While yes, home-schooling little assholes can be risky at times, this is not the adventure I expected to be on right now.  On the professional front, I am definitely making moves, although it’s not the adventure I was hoping or expecting to be writing about- or maybe it is. Either way I am embarking on an adventure, and who knows where it will take me now. Covid has brought back the calling I didn’t realize how much I missed. I know in my soul I was meant to be a nurse, I forgot how much I loved being a nurse. So that is one of my quarantine adventures, getting everything up to date to practice nursing again…. I even scored a phone interview with a traveling agency and was offered a position- seriously! I filled out a few apps to get back in the groove and completely did not expect to be offered the position, so I am a little shell shocked. It would be a huge step for my family- and what an adventure it will be when I take that step. I have also been making masks like a mad woman, I stopped counting at 100.  I am selling them for $5 to non healthcare workers so I can purchase more materials and continue making them to donate, I am getting close to 100 donated and if I had to guess, I think I have sold close to 50 and have orders waiting to be filled. I have a friend who works iin healthcare reaching out from another state so I am mailing masks to her and her unit.…. The masks are why I am so late writing this week’s word… kinda thinking week 15 will be a 2-fer…. The words kind of go hand-in-hand to me.

If you have followed me at all, you know I am (among many other things) searching for that power of the pause, that is the main goal of this project. To take a word, analyze it, write about it…. A focal point that forces me to stop, slow the turbulence that is life and focus.  Adventures are another great way to find that power of the pause. Take my Madame X escapade, that adventure has given me months of moments to write about and when I can get into it and the words flow, time stands still….. Until one of the twirps hollar “mooooommmmmmm”…. Then we are off to a new adventure- those adventures usually include cooking, cleaning up a spill or playing barbies.  I realized after that trip to Vegas that I needed more of those in my life so I decided to plan a surprise adventure for my bestie. My social anxiety makes it hard to think about going anywhere with groups, I am safe with my people but when you start adding others that I am not as close and comfortable with, it can feel scary. I am an energy sucker, and when you get a lot of energies in the same room, my turbulence goes through the roof and it scares me.  I hate being scared BUT the reward in this case is more than worth it and I have decided I need to do something like this at least a few times a year. This year marks a very important year to me and it 100% involves my bestie. We turn 45 this year, she is a decade out from the battle of her life, and this marks our 40 year friendaversary. So before this whole Corona-cation crap started, I made plans to go to my family’s house in a little resort town in Oregon. I told her it would be us and my two girls but in reality, I had put together a group of her people. I picked the ones I know mean the most, she is a social butterfly (in comparison to me) and has a lot of friends but she definitely has her people, and I can honestly say for the most part she has great taste in friends and I am excited to spend time with them. Even if it makes my tummy flip flop. So, we planned out the surprise, there would be 6 of us including her. My plan was to keep it secret till she came to pick us up to leave, but then this stupid virus…. And it has us all homebound, restless and bummed.  The trip became a shiny object for me, and I know she loves shiny objects too….. And adding her to the group text we can all plan and get excited together, its far enough out hopefully the world will be opening back up. What better adventure to look forward to than a girls trip. It is my sincere hope we will all be embarking on amazing adventures very soon but until the world opens back up… please friends, stay home.

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