Week 16: Accomplishment

This week’s word was given to me by one of my four greatest accomplishments, my oldest daughter- who to be perfectly honest, I was not sure if she even knew what the word meant when she said it. So I asked her what her greatest accomplishment was and not missing a beat she said sweeping the races at her track meet a few years ago.  So I asked, “why is that your greatest accomplishment?” She told me because it was something she is super proud of, so I asked her what MY greatest accomplishment is, and she said either us kids or becoming a nurse. To be honest, I was not expecting the spot-on answer she gave me…. I am so thankful she didn’t say it was the amount of TicTok likes a post got.  Not that she is shallow- she is not at all- but she is a tween and has all the side-effects that go along with that stage in life. It also made my heart so happy that she knew she and her siblings were that level of importance to me. I must be doing something right. I love that she also realized that my education is at that level to me; hopefully it gives her goals and something to aspire to. Little does she know, my third greatest accomplishment to date is being here today, the way I am, proud of myself, sober, remembering my worth and enjoying living my life. I also know that I am currently working on something that I will look back on as an accomplishment.  

Accomplishment is such a positive word, it can be both a feeling and something tangible.  Currently I am making masks, the masks are tangible, but the feeling I get from donating is much bigger than the actual mask itself.  I am “selling” some, and I am donating some. If you are a first responder, healthcare, grocer, or other “essential” employee I am donating your masks for protection…. For everyone else I am suggesting a $5 donation for the mask so we can continue to purchase materials for the masks, but we are not turning anyone who needs one away, and it is balancing. I have had several large donations from monetary to materials themselves. One person donated enough materials to enable me to donate almost 100 masks. The harder materials are to come by, the more expensive they are but as long as there is a need, I will keep making them because of the feeling I get when I donate them….. The people I have given them to have been so, SO grateful, it is a very fulfilling feeling. I have made several for kiddos I know because I know not all of us have the luxury to leave our kids home when we have to venture out, and it is an accomplishment when you make such rad masks that the cool kids fall asleep wearing them because they like them so much.  I also feel like there are different levels of accomplishments.

This morning I watched Governor Cuomo’s daily press conference, and their data shows social distancing works. When people follow the guidelines together, we can accomplish great things.  New York should have great pride in the gradual decline in cases and deaths, hopefully they can stay the course and not have another huge surge. Shutting down an entire nation to combat an invisible enemy is an enormous accomplishment. It is terrifying with the lack of work, but it is also inspiring to see the good it can bring out in people.  The majority of people are taking this seriously and doing their part. Who would have thought being homebound would be an accomplishment, but it is, and I am thankful for the ones who are taking this seriously. 

 After 15 other words, I have gotten in the habit of thinking about how my word feels, texture, smell, what would it be if it were a thing.  If this word were a thing, it would be a dining room sized chocolate cake. A reward for a job well done and it would be delicious! 


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