Week 18: Vibrant

If vibrant was a season, it would be summer. It would be bright, shiny, happy, and busy…. And VIVID. It’s so vivid you can feel it; it gives you the goosebumps and makes you smile. I can almost smell the food court at the fair.  Good times are vibrant, happy LIVES are vibrant! My soon to be daughter-in-law gave me this word, and it is such a perfect description for her- her energy is endless, her beauty is classic and feels very old-school to me. She would have been the perfect black and white actress because her vibrance is dramatic…. Film noir type of beauty.  It is a very fitting word for her to give me. It represents her spirit well.  Of course, as I spend the week pondering the word, I am going about daily life in quarantine. Here in the great PNW we tend to have a lot of gray days so most days the fabric I use to make masks is the most vibrant part of my day.  As I spend hours sewing- creating…. I’m not creating anything extravagant, but it makes me think about the weave of the fabric and all the different small fibres that mesh together to give us such vibrant beautiful materials to stitch together into our own creations.  And yes, I realize it’s quite cliche, BUT it keeps making me think of the fabric that is our lives and then I think about how living a vibrant life is such a fantastic goal. 

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