Week 19: Entertainment

So what are you all doing for entertainment these last few months? Humans love to be entertained, and we love to be amused. Entertainment is a big word. It encompasses a huge jurisdiction in our lives. We can’t live without it and right now, we are all looking for entertainment to get us through these strange times we are living in.  The lack of availability to access entertainment like movie theatres, restaurants, beaches, ect really has people in a twit.  We are truly a spoiled society; some households have dug in and made the best of it.  They are entertaining themselves with projects around the house, creating things, dealing with the lack of available outside entertainment by digging in and bonding with their home and family.  Hollywood has started releasing their theater premieres straight to home, and people are planting gardens and making their homes an oasis that they don’t need to leave for entertainment.  

As much time as I have spent thinking about this word (considering I am once again a week late with my word….), I can’t get past a great feeling of dislike for the word. It is coddled and spoiled- it’s also what dirty old perverts do on their cell phones late at night. I keep trying to think of it in a positive light, but it just feels dirty to me.  Not everyone is wholesome with their entertainment, some people stalk and creep people out as their form of entertainment and it gives me that gross, disgusted feeling. I prefer to think of my word’s good feels instead of the pukey, pervert kind.

Week My favorite form of entertainment is my people, my friends, family, littles….. Watching the littles grow and learn is a heart-warming, happy type of entertainment.  I look forward to spending hours with friends and family and just enjoying their company as entertainment. I am not going stir-crazy with lack of entertainment during these strange times. I am busier now than I have been in a while- so busy I have been missing writing, and I feel it. Writing could also be considered a form of my entertainment, but its more therapeutic than entertaining….. But I do amuse myself some days with the crap I think of and write. As I write, I am listening to the news and there is a story about Vegas and how the casinos are preparing to re-open with limited seating and social distancing for slot machines and table games. I know its wrong but I find it amusing  to think about the tantrums people will have when they are inconvenienced in their quest for entertainment in the age of social distancing. I do also feel a bit sad because of all the life that is being cancelled right now.  Festivals, fairs and celebrations are really hard to be missing out on. Celebrations can absolutely be considered entertainment, they are fun and we love to attend them. What kinds of things do you do for entertainment in this day and age?  If you’re a dirty perv I really don’t want to know, but if you’re a normal person I really do! I am sewing…. And sewing…. And sewing.  So much so that it lost its entertainment value so when I am done here I am making a new pattern and getting my creative groove back.  

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