A Bump in the Road

I started the new year with high hopes it would just roll with goodness and 12 days in I had a setback.  The sickness came to my house and my reaction was beyond ridiculous. I am very psychosomatic so stress makes my guts react, normally with puking but over the last few years my anxiety … Continue reading A Bump in the Road

Week 1: Kindness

When I think of a random act of kindness first thing that comes to mind is paying for the person in line behind you which is very thoughtful and nice but feels a little superficially kind to me or maybe even just nice….. But if you talk about paying off student lunch debt, that carries a little more kindness- kids need food, the dude behind you won't go hungry if you don't pay for their beverage.

In retrospect, the future…

As the year comes to a close and the stress of preparing for the holidays floats away I cant help but reflect on all the things I did not accomplish this year.  It it so incredibly easy to go straight to the negatives, I did not write as much as I wanted to- I got … Continue reading In retrospect, the future…

Finding my Backbone!

Today I am anxious. I am taking a step that is long overdue.  It is one of the things I don’t talk about. It is something that causes me to feel great shame….. That damn shame.  It is one of the most powerful tools in the wrong hands. Especially when you are someone who over- … Continue reading Finding my Backbone!

Which side will you fall on?

Well, I would not be authentic to my writing if I left things out that intrigue me…. I know with the current political climate it is a hot button topic and this may be a post you want to skip.  What does my political opinion matter? Well, to most it won't but I know that … Continue reading Which side will you fall on?

Rainy Monday musings🦋

The more I challenge myself to write the easier the words come but I find myself wanting the creativity to come easier, I find myself wanting to find my creative zone and not come out.  It is a happier place to be….. And why can’t I dive head first into that happy place? 🦋We shape … Continue reading Rainy Monday musings🦋

How Cliche’

So I have not published a daily in almost a week, it was a goal in the beginning and leaving town bumped my rhythm. I have written everyday but I am having a hard time wrapping up each entry.  I have also decided to start writing- hopefully- with more substance. Something people want to read … Continue reading How Cliche’