Coronacation anyone?

Oh good lord…. Wtf do you mean the kids will be home for the next 6 weeks….. Why is there NO toilet paper for 3 counties? Are we really moving toward a fantasy/sci-fi, post-apocalyptic world that we have all read about? Everyone is going batshit crazy, San Francisco is being told to shelter in place. … Continue reading Coronacation anyone?

Optimism is my choice.

Since starting 52 words, I have barely written anything else. I have started a few posts but haven't finished them because since I started 52, I worry I won't complete it. My follow-through has not been the best the last several years so every-time I sit to write, I feel like it has to be … Continue reading Optimism is my choice.

Finding my Backbone!

Today I am anxious. I am taking a step that is long overdue.  It is one of the things I don’t talk about. It is something that causes me to feel great shame….. That damn shame.  It is one of the most powerful tools in the wrong hands. Especially when you are someone who over- … Continue reading Finding my Backbone!

Which side will you fall on?

Well, I would not be authentic to my writing if I left things out that intrigue me…. I know with the current political climate it is a hot button topic and this may be a post you want to skip.  What does my political opinion matter? Well, to most it won't but I know that … Continue reading Which side will you fall on?

Rainy Monday musings🦋

The more I challenge myself to write the easier the words come but I find myself wanting the creativity to come easier, I find myself wanting to find my creative zone and not come out.  It is a happier place to be….. And why can’t I dive head first into that happy place? 🦋We shape … Continue reading Rainy Monday musings🦋