The Rocks on my Desk

I am beginning to understand what they mean when they say writing is a process…. I have to adjust everything around me and set myself a tone before I actually sit to write.  I need to get my mind turning in a creative motion… I always find myself rearranging my rocks before I can start … Continue reading The Rocks on my Desk

Optimism is my choice.

Since starting 52 words, I have barely written anything else. I have started a few posts but haven't finished them because since I started 52, I worry I won't complete it. My follow-through has not been the best the last several years so every-time I sit to write, I feel like it has to be … Continue reading Optimism is my choice.

A Bump in the Road

I started the new year with high hopes it would just roll with goodness and 12 days in I had a setback.  The sickness came to my house and my reaction was beyond ridiculous. I am very psychosomatic so stress makes my guts react, normally with puking but over the last few years my anxiety … Continue reading A Bump in the Road