How Cliche’

So I have not published a daily in almost a week, it was a goal in the beginning and leaving town bumped my rhythm. I have written everyday but I am having a hard time wrapping up each entry.  I have also decided to start writing- hopefully- with more substance. Something people want to read … Continue reading How Cliche’

Yikes… It’s 8 already…

Yikes…… its already 8pm Friday…. This is the third time I have tried to sit down and write, it was a gloriously hectic day and I feel like I am forgetting something but I am packed, I have the house all figured out.  My significant other is so encouraging and supportive, I know he loves … Continue reading Yikes… It’s 8 already…

Tuesdays are for word salads⁉️

I think I have decided to change my post time to evening some days.  I think sometimes it's better to work my way through and to reflect on the day.  Maybe drop a few lines here and there, that way I can follow my thoughts throughout the day.   As I putter around I think about … Continue reading Tuesdays are for word salads⁉️

Manic Monday to Mellow Monday

How do mondays make you feel? The rush of the work week, stress of running kids and getting places? Monday mornings are always a challenge for me, leaving the house is a heavy feeling.  I honestly detest it. Part of this process is giving myself permission to feel again and not muffle it down. I … Continue reading Manic Monday to Mellow Monday