Week 4: Courage

So when I started this challenge I got a total of 52 words, then I started placing them on different weeks.  Some of the dates will go with the word; some I tried to place to make myself stop and think…. I gotta say I thought this would be much easier than it is.  It … Continue reading Week 4: Courage

Tuesdays are for word salads⁉️

I think I have decided to change my post time to evening some days.  I think sometimes it's better to work my way through and to reflect on the day.  Maybe drop a few lines here and there, that way I can follow my thoughts throughout the day.   As I putter around I think about … Continue reading Tuesdays are for word salads⁉️

Manic Monday to Mellow Monday

How do mondays make you feel? The rush of the work week, stress of running kids and getting places? Monday mornings are always a challenge for me, leaving the house is a heavy feeling.  I honestly detest it. Part of this process is giving myself permission to feel again and not muffle it down. I … Continue reading Manic Monday to Mellow Monday

Autopilot anyone?

How often do you find yourself having to snap off autopilot? Because I do constantly! Sometimes I will run on auto-pilot for hours it feels like, just floating around. I sometimes have to force myself to be an active participant in my daily life.  I always call it stuck in my head…. But I have … Continue reading Autopilot anyone?