WTF Wednesday!

Happy HUMMMPPP DAAAAYYYYY!🐫 This morning I am getting my house in order, its papa bear on duty this weekend! Mama is goin to Vegas!!! As I am puttering around I am youtubing the last 24 hours of news…. It is a glorious shit show!  I do this fun thing to keep up and understand my … Continue reading WTF Wednesday!

Tuesdays are for word salads⁉️

I think I have decided to change my post time to evening some days.  I think sometimes it's better to work my way through and to reflect on the day.  Maybe drop a few lines here and there, that way I can follow my thoughts throughout the day.   As I putter around I think about … Continue reading Tuesdays are for word salads⁉️

Manic Monday to Mellow Monday

How do mondays make you feel? The rush of the work week, stress of running kids and getting places? Monday mornings are always a challenge for me, leaving the house is a heavy feeling.  I honestly detest it. Part of this process is giving myself permission to feel again and not muffle it down. I … Continue reading Manic Monday to Mellow Monday

Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Just a few thoughts from a forty-something housewife on a Tuesday morning…… The world is electric right now or maybe that's just the constant buzz of anxiety and ever running thoughts spinning in my head, I just feel like something big is about to happen, a revolution of some sort.   I am really hoping … Continue reading Tuesday Morning Thoughts