Week 10: Vigilant

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word vigilant is a wolf pack with a very watchful alpha or an old silverback looking after his troop ( I looked it up! It's really a troop…. I may have thought it was actually called a congress because of a meme I once … Continue reading Week 10: Vigilant

Week 7: Trump

Whether you are a Trump lover or a Trump hater, you can’t deny he is on a winning streak. His numbers are incredible, over the top, tremendous…. America has never seen anything like it, its big-ly killin it- best it has ever been.  It's true -or at least partially true- when broken down, there are … Continue reading Week 7: Trump

Week 1: Kindness

When I think of a random act of kindness first thing that comes to mind is paying for the person in line behind you which is very thoughtful and nice but feels a little superficially kind to me or maybe even just nice….. But if you talk about paying off student lunch debt, that carries a little more kindness- kids need food, the dude behind you won't go hungry if you don't pay for their beverage.