Week 7: Trump

Whether you are a Trump lover or a Trump hater, you can’t deny he is on a winning streak. His numbers are incredible, over the top, tremendous…. America has never seen anything like it, its big-ly killin it- best it has ever been.  It's true -or at least partially true- when broken down, there are … Continue reading Week 7: Trump

Tuesdays are for word salads⁉️

I think I have decided to change my post time to evening some days.  I think sometimes it's better to work my way through and to reflect on the day.  Maybe drop a few lines here and there, that way I can follow my thoughts throughout the day.   As I putter around I think about … Continue reading Tuesdays are for word salads⁉️

Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Just a few thoughts from a forty-something housewife on a Tuesday morning…… The world is electric right now or maybe that's just the constant buzz of anxiety and ever running thoughts spinning in my head, I just feel like something big is about to happen, a revolution of some sort.   I am really hoping … Continue reading Tuesday Morning Thoughts